Our reception desks and casework are fully customizable to fit your reception space perfectly, both functionally and aesthetically, so that your patients’ face-to-face interactions with your staff are welcoming and efficient.

Black Oak Casework’s reception desk configurations provide a work surface with plenty of space for multiple keyboards, computer monitors, phones, scanners, and credit card readers, along with ample amounts of open workspace. Multiple drawers provide convenient storage. Design considerations ensure plenty of legroom beneath the work surface while also allowing space for wastebaskets, computer towers, and uninterruptable power supplies.

Our wall-mounted cabinetry and shelving make the most of the display and storage potential of your reception area, while our freestanding, multi-level cabinets offer additional storage capacity. Any cabinet or drawer can be secured with a key or combination lock. All drawers and cabinets feature our standard soft close slides and hinges.

Black Oak Casework offers an almost limitless array of materials, sizes, finishes, and configurations, ensuring that your reception area communicates style and professionalism to your patients.