Our lab casework offers ample counter space, a sink cutout, and an integrated trash chute, plus double cabinets and multiple drawers below. This casework is available in standard dimensions but is also fully customizable to your specific size and storage requirements. We offer a wide variety of materials and finishes that support a functionally safe, aseptic, and sanitary lab environment. Casework does not include a sink, faucet, or fixtures, unless otherwise agreed upon in advance.

Hygiene Bays

Black Oak Casework builds dental hygiene bays that prioritize comfort for your patients and efficiency for your hygienists. Freestanding, chairside casework offers plenty of space on top for a monitor and keyboard, as well as a generous workspace. Below, multiple drawers provide ample storage for exam and prophylaxis supplies and are built with our standard soft close slides. Side-mounted clips hold air/water syringes and other tools within easy reach.

Built-in, bench-style seating provides a comfy place for patients’ family members to sit during their loved ones’ appointments.

Vanities with multiple sink cutouts and integrated trash chutes can be constructed to accommodate patients of various heights. Spacious, underside cabinets provide storage for large items or bulk quantities.

Casework is fully customizable to your specific needs. We offer an almost endless selection of materials that aid in preserving a sterile and sanitary environment for your patients and staff while also meeting your design goals. Casework does not include a sink, faucet, fixtures, or cushions.

Beverage Centers

A beverage center offering complimentary hot and cold beverages in your waiting area makes your patients feel welcome and appreciated. Featuring ample counter space, a drawer for storage, room for a small refrigerator, and angled magazine shelves, this casework uses space efficiently. We work with you to choose materials and finishes that complement your interior décor perfectly.


Black Oak Casework’s locker products are an ideal way to provide secure, personal storage for your employees’ or patients’ belongings while minimizing the need for individual workspace.

The locker doors feature key locks and our standard soft close hinges.

Black Oak Cabinetry offers hundreds of options so you can customize the appearance and function you desire for any space. Our extensive line of finishes, locks, and accessories makes it simple to design a luxurious locker room that is secure, functional, and aesthetically pleasing.

Corner Sink Base

Black Oak Casework’s corner sink base products make it possible to achieve a balance between functionality and the efficient use of space in your operatory.

Our corner sink base products are fitted with a sink cutout, an integrated trash chute, and a backsplash that runs the width of the casework. Large cabinets below the vanity provide convenient storage. The cabinet doors feature our standard soft close hinges.

Black Oak Casework’s selection of materials and finishes is almost endless, so you can meet your practical needs while also realizing your design goals. Casework does not include a sink, faucet, products, or paper towels dispensers.

12 O’Clock Cabinet

Black Oak Casework’s 12 o’clock cabinet products provide a central location for dentists and hygienists to easily access the tools and supplies needed for exams and treatments.

The cabinet’s doors feature our customary soft close hinges. The drawers feature our soft close slides, as does the pull-out utensil tray, which is universal for both left-handed and right-handed technicians.

Each 12 o’clock cabinet has an upper cabinet with an adjustable shelf and custom glove box holders on both the dentist’s and hygienist’s sides. It also comes with a cutout for a flow meter.

Our 12 o’clock cabinets feature:

  • Task lighting and a 20-amp electrical outlet
  • 3-drawer stack on the left and right
  • Removable bottom center to allow for utility connections
  • 2″ umbilical cord hole in the center of the toe kick area (available upon request)
  • Pass-through in the upper portion to allow access from the front or back of the cabinet

Our standard sizes for the cabinet are:

36″ W x 72″ H x 22″ D

42″ W x 72″ H x 22″ D

36″ W x 84″ H x 22″ D

42″ W x 84″ H x 22″ D

Custom sizes are available to meet your specific needs.
The cabinet’s shipping weight is approximately 250 lbs., depending on the size. The shipping estimate is determined by location.
Our products are endlessly customizable to your particular needs, thanks to our nearly limitless selection of materials and finishes. This enables you to maximize the efficient use of your office space while also matching the product perfectly with your interior décor. Casework does not include a flow meter, office supplies, gloves, or computer equipment.